Top 5 hottest jobs and how you can land one

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Are you looking for work? If you are, keep the following story handy.

Like many people, 37-year-old Ty Harris of Jacksonville, has been looking for work.

"Off an on for about a year," Harris explained.

He's been doing freelance work in client and project management, but is looking for something more permanent, which is why he came to a job fair Monday.

He said the job market is tough, which makes it harder to help his family of two children.

"I've gotten a lot of 'You're over qualified,'" Harris said of his year-long job search.

FCN's David Williams asked Harris "What if we told you, we know what the top 5 most in-demand jobs are in Jacksonville?"

To that, Harris responded "I would be impressed and I would inquire what would that be?"

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Expert talks life-saving trailer hitch safety

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A lot of people are in town for the Florida-Georgia game. Many people have trailers hitched to the back of their trucks or RVs, which brings up a safety issue that is getting a lot of attention around the country.

The dangers of a hitch not properly attached are very real.

Mark Fleischer is co-owner of AllPro Trailers and is an expert in trailer safety.

He watched a story aired in May by FCN's Minnesota sister station, where a trailer broke free, killing two people in one family.

Fleischer and FCN went out to RV City where we found Rick Sharp who was parking his trailer. Fleischer said the only issue was the chains.

Pop Warner team sidelined for season

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Wesconnett Park is now silent; the Wildcats football season is over, abruptly.

"It was very heartbreaking," said Teresea Downceroux.

Teresea Downceroux's son is on the team and they're angry.

"My son has been crying since that meeting because he has been devastated," she said.

The team, after a 7-2 season, was poised for the Championship game, but they're sideline. The parents were called into a meeting and told that the season has been forfeited. 

"We're out and another team will take our spot," said Chahid Clark.

Assistant Coach Clark said the Pop Warner Football conference received a complaint that one of his players is ineligible, he lived outside the district.

"When he signed up, proof of residency was not required," he said.

Game of the Week coverage from Ponte Vedra

The video clip above features our coverage from the Sideline 2013 Game of the Week featuring Bartram Trail and Ponte Vedra.  The clip features our coverage from First Coast News at 5, 5:30, 6, 7, and 11.

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On Your Side: Shutdown worries and mystery green water

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Thursday, the On Your Side team answered an array of questions you sent in and found the solutions.

Ray Green, 59, of Middleburg, said he has served 20 years in the United States Air Force, all over the world. He depends on Veterans benefits and Social Security payments. But, with the government shutdown, he says he is worried.

"If I don't get paid, I can lose my house, car, truck, boat. Everything," Green said frankly.

Sheriff's Office confirms no bad intentions made

JULINGTON CREEK, Fla. -- Detectives with the St. John's County Sheriff's Office were investigating reports of a suspicious incident involving a child, and confirmed no bad intentions were made.

Deputies responded to the Plantation Grove Subdivision Monday night to meet with the mother of a child, who told her a man allegedly asked him to get in his vehicle and guide him out of the neighborhood, according to a release from the SJCSO.

The man drove away in a red, Ford F150, with ladders in the bed of the truck. The driver of the truck is described as a white male, 50 to 60-years-old, balding, with facial hair.

SJCSO detectives received many tips Wednesday evening that helped identify the man and the vehicle tag number, according to a SJCSO media release. The media release says the unknown man also contacted the Sheriff's Office and was interviewed Thursday.

Red truck sought in two suspicious incidents

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and the St. John's County Sheriff's Office is investigating reports of suspicious incidents involving a red truck in the Arlington and Julington Creek areas.

In the past few days, similar incidents have occurred in the Arlington Hills/Arlingwoods neighborhoods and Julington Creek in St. John's County, however no connection has been confirmed between the incidents.

Detectives with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office responded to reports of a suspicious person near Merrill Road Elementary School, in the Hartsfield and Merrill Road area around 4 p.m. Wednesday. 

Witnesses told police a suspicious person in a red pick-up truck was spotted in the area, according to a release from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

The pick-up truck was a red extended cab model with Florida tags, and was towing a black trailer loaded with lawn equipment.