On Your Side team gets answers for viewers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- "I'd like them to give me an explanation why," Jeff in Arlington said. 

He asked the On Your Side team for help after his utility bill went up to $940.

First Coast News called JEA and asked why. 

Spokesperson, Gerri Boyce, said from June to July the family was using about 1,000 gallons a day, which is a lot according to Boyce. 

JEA recently did a smart check at the home to verify the reading and said a toilet leak or a leaking hose might have caused the increase.

To lower your bill, check for toilet leaks. Boyce said a cheap flapper valve can solve many toilet problems. Boyce said to make sure you turn off outdoor hoses. JEA's website has money saving tips to help you lower your utility bills.

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Real ways to help you find a job and other resources

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Shawntray from the Westside asked the On Your Side team a question.

He said he recently lost his job as a security guard because he was sick and can't find work. Shawntray said he lost his home and he's afraid he'll lose his car. He wants help.

Shawntray, here is what you do:

1) Get your hands on a phone in the area of Northeast Florida and dial the United Way's 211. It is a referral source that will refer you to places for emergency financial assistance, food, shelter and clothing and a lot of other service.

2) Call the company that you make car payments and explain your situation. Ask if some payments can be deferred.

3) Go to a place like WorkSource Florida. They have offices across the region They will help you or anyone looking for work Find a job. Call 904-356-JOBS for more information.

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Clarification on Clay Electric Energy rate hikes

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- First Coast News wants to further clarify our story on Clay Electric's rates going up.

They are going up 3.5% percent for customers who use on average 1,171 kilowat hours of power per month. The 3.5% increase includes the slightly higher energy rates and a $3 customer charge.

Clay Electric's spokesperson tells FCN they are not the only power companies having to raise rates because of the economy.





Clay Electric customers' rates are going to rise

KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, Fla. -- We are hearing from upset Clay Electric customers who's rates are set to rise.

Clay Electric's website says starting October 4 bills will go up 3.5 percent. This is in addition to an extra $3 in their 'customer charge.'

According to company spokesperson, Wayne Mattox, if customers use 850 kilowat hours a month they currently pay $94.75.

On October 4 the same amount of usage will be $99.03 a month.

Why the rate hike? 

Mattox points to the economy with declining sales and money in the last few years. Mattox said the rates are rising because more people are not moving to the area or starting businesses there.

Man sentenced to 10 years in traffic homicide

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- David R. Gallagher, 20, was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison for DUI Manslaughter in the death of Joseph Davidson.

Teen killed in Julington Creek crash identified

Gallagher pleaded guilty to the charge in June. Gallagher was also sentenced to four and a half years of probation and must complete 300 community service hours with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD.

In August 2012, Gallagher was driving down Julington Creek Road while intoxicated. He eventually lost control of the vehicle, drove across a grass shoulder and struck a parked F-250 truck head on, according to the State Attorney.