Waterfront view now available at your fingertips |

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Waterfront view now available at your fingertips
Waterfront view now available at your fingertips

     It’s not possible for everyone who wants it to have waterfront property, but there is no reason not to enjoy a waterfront view.

     At least not anymore.

    For a real-time waterfront experience, simply click on Freedom Boat Club’s new webcam, live from Julington Creek, at:

     In August, Freedom Boat Club will add a second webcam at Comanche Cove in St. Augustine.
    “This all started when we posted a live feed of the dock at Julington Creek recently,” said Lisa Almeida, owner of Freedom Boat Club-Jacksonville.  “We began getting comments from people or said how much they enjoyed it, that it was relaxing, and would love to see that all the time.” 

     And now they can.

    “I have a sign in my office that says waterfront property is not a matter of life or death. It's much more important than that,” Almeida said. “We
know that boating and being on the water relaxes you and relieves stress, so why not make that view available all the time?”

    In addition to offering a waterfront view, Almeida says the webcams will also allow viewers to check the weather real-time and also see conditions on the water.

      One question remains: what to call the new Freedom Boat Club webcam.

      “We’re asking for help from our members and our friends,” Almeida said. “We want a good name for it.”

     If you have a suggestion to name the new webcam email: l.almeida@freedomboatclub.com






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