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On Your Side team gets answers for viewers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- "I'd like them to give me an explanation why," Jeff in Arlington said. 

He asked the On Your Side team for help after his utility bill went up to $940.

First Coast News called JEA and asked why. 

Spokesperson, Gerri Boyce, said from June to July the family was using about 1,000 gallons a day, which is a lot according to Boyce. 

JEA recently did a smart check at the home to verify the reading and said a toilet leak or a leaking hose might have caused the increase.

To lower your bill, check for toilet leaks. Boyce said a cheap flapper valve can solve many toilet problems. Boyce said to make sure you turn off outdoor hoses. JEA's website has money saving tips to help you lower your utility bills.


In East Palatka, Rhonda said she's not getting the highspeed internet she pays for.

A Windstream Communications spokesman tells FCN her residential broadband service is slower than she would like because she lives 23,000 feet from the nearest network device.

The limit is 18,000 feet.

Windstream is part of the Federal Broadband Stimulus program to shorten that link length which is expected to be done by February 2014 and should bring Rhonda and others faster internet. For more information, visit Windstream Communications' website.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says Michelin is recalling about 100,000 tires in 7 models because of a small hole hat can develop in the sidewall that may increase the risk of a crash. Call Michelin customer care at 1-855-851-4951. Or visit Michelin's website for more information.


Another recall to tell you about. The United States Consumer Product Safety Comission  said Frigidaire is recalling about 14,000 of it's Frigidaire professional blenders because the blade's shaft assembly can break during use, and potentially cut the user. There have been eight reports of the shaft breaking, but no injuries. If you own one, stop using it now and call 888-747-7637 to find out how to get a free replacement. Or visit the Frigidaire website for more information.


An update for you, from Barry near Julington Creek. Back in June, Barry, said he hadn't gotten his tax refund. Earlier in the year, the IRS said some refunds were delayed because of a software problem.

Barry told FCN he got his refund on August 1 and and says he even got $23 in interest.

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