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Attorney calls Jacksonville 'Potholeville' and files suit

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Wilson Boulevard is heavily traveled. Its age is showing in some areas and now it is named in a lawsuit.

On March 4, 2013, Lori Lloyd was traveling west on Wilson. She was the passenger on a motorcycle.

"We were just driving along about 30 miles an hour," said Lloyd, "and he hit this dip and it was a big dip."

Lloyd said what happened next would change her life forever.

"It ejected me off the motorcycle and I landed in the center lane on my head and my shoulder," she said.

She's convinced if she wasn't wearing her helmet, she would be in a grave somewhere. Now, she's in court fighting the city over a road hazard that has left her injured. 

"I'm in pain everyday," she said, "I wake up and I have work my hands to get my fingers moving. These two are not going to move anymore, both of my shoulders hurt."

Lloyd said as result of her injuries, she now has hospital and doctor bills are more than $30,000 dollars.

"(Just) cooking, chopping, handwriting -- everything has been changed with this accident," she said.

Lloyd, self-employed and uninsured, is now suing the city. Arthur Hernandez is her attorney.

"It is a real claim with real injuries," he said.

Hernandez argues that the accident could have been prevented with timely road maintenance.

"The city is taking a very irresponsible approach to public safety," he said, "It is being penny wise but pound foolish."

Hernandez said the preliminary investigation makes it clear to him and his client that the road hazard was there before the accident.

"They knew of this," said Hernandez, "yet the city chose not to do anything until something happened."

Lloyd said she would like the city to give road hazards a higher priority.

"Fix these dangerous potholes," said Lloyd.

City spokesperson Debbie Delgado said "We do not comment on active claims."

The review period under law provides the city until October for a decision.

From January 2012 to August 2013, the City of Jacksonville has received 2,644 complaints about cave in roads, depressions or potholes. The city reports 1,695 complaints have been closed; 752 were canceled, many were duplicates.

Even though this budget year is looking dim for simple services like pothole repairs, you're still encouraged to call 630-CITY to report a problem.


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