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Pink Truck Helps Nab DUI Teacher, Police Say

BALDWIN, Fla. -- A local business owner driving a big, pink truck followed a suspected drunk driver for more than a half hour, until police finally caught up with her.

When police arrived, they arrested Bethany Jo Phillips of Orange Park, charging her with DUI.

Phillips is a fourth-grade teacher at Julington Creek Elementary in St. Johns County, according to district leaders. A school district spokesperson says she was not in class today and won't be back until an internal investigation is complete.

Terry Roundtree first spotted Phillips' car near his restaurant in Baldwin, and followed her for more than 30 minutes eastbound on U.S. Highway 90.

He stayed on the phone with police until they caught up with her at the Cassat Avenue intersection with Interstate 10, almost 16 miles from Baldwin.

Roundtree said she almost hit two trucks head-on, veered onto sidewalks and over curbs.

According to a police report, Phillips told police she had been drinking earlier in the day.

"The suspect stated that she had dinner tonight with a glass of wine," according to the police report.

Phillips told police she dropped off her boyfriend at the airport, although they recently separated. Police say she "exhibited further clues of impairment during [field sobriety] exercises."

When police asked her on a scale of zero to 10 how drunk she was, with zero being completely sober, she replied two, according to the report.

When contacted by First Coast News, Phillips asked why it was a story, then asked to call her lawyer. When she called back, Phillips said her lawyer told her to say, "no comment."


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