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FWC: Leave bears looking for new habitats alone

ST. JOHNS, Fla. -- Steve Bielicki woke up to quite a surprise this morning when he was greeted by a black bear in his pool enclosure.

The bear was inside, then on top of, the enclosure before landing on a covered hot tub and jumping a fence and going back into the woods.

This bear, or one just like it was also spotted running across the lawn at Julington Creek Elementary School today, according to Joy Hill, the Public Information Coordinator for the Northeast Region of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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Other sightings reported of this or a similar bear have included the first hole of the Champions Club Golf Course; Elmwood Drive on the north side of Race Track Road. Yesterday, a bear was spotted at Garrison Drive in Southhampton Golf and Country Club off County Road 210, according to Hill.

Hill said the bear is probably a young male who has been kicked out of his territory by his mother because she is preparing to breed again.

As a result, the bear is probably scared and trying to find a new home. Hill said the less human interaction or interference in this process, the better. The FWC advises residents not to leave food, trash, or pet food in a screened in porch or anywhere the bear could get to it.


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