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Local moms to compete in the "Mom Olympics"

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- With less than three weeks to go until the start of the Summer Olympics in London, some First Coast ladies are getting ready to compete in the "Mom Olympics."

"Motherhood is a sport and the stronger we are for it, the better we can be at it," said Emily Carpenter, the director of the local chapter of Stroller Strides, a national organization working to get moms moving.

"We incorporate the babies, like we sing them songs while we're doing squats," Carpenter said.

The moms are preparing to go for the gold with a four week long competition during the Summer Olympics. Throughout August they tally up points, focusing on mind, body and spirit.

"Coming to class, they get a lot of points but they also get points for things like taking time away from the tv and the computer to play down on the floor with their kids," Carpenter said. "They get points for going on a date with their husband or partner, which is something a lot of us put on the back burner."

Reading a book, trying a new recipe, or going out with your girl friends are also point worthy. Local mom and participant Jessica Bishop said she's looking forward to it.

"You spend your whole life - especially when your child is young - answering to a tiny dictator," Bishop said. "It kind of reminds you to hold onto your previous self."

One of the biggest benefits is finding that much needed balance, according to the moms.

"I unfortunately suffered from a really bad bout with postpartum depression," Ryan Rumph said. Her husband spotted the ladies working out along Bartram Park and thought it was a great way to get her back on track. "My body is feeling great. My energy is back up and I've met a fantastic group of moms."

Just like the real thing, post-competition, there will be a little closing ceremony for the gold, silver, and bronze medalists.

"We have the moms up on the pedestals and we give them their ribbons and they get a little prize," Carpenter said.

Plus a special award for a working mom, like Amy Stone.

"Stroller Strides for me is something I can do and not lose any more time with her," Stone said. "It helps me remember who I was."

Any mom that's 6 weeks postpartum can join in on the fun if your little one still goes in a stroller. For more information, head to strollerstrides.net/jacksonville or you can find them on Facebook.


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