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New ER to hold open house, provide emergency care

JULINGTON CREEK, Fla. - A brand new free-standing emergency room will hold an open house Saturday to introduce their services to the public.

The Emergency Care Center is located off Race Track Road.  The facility is owned and operated by Memorial Hospital.  President and CEO Jim O'Loughlin said the hospital wants to provide emergency care to people in a growing area.  

"During an emergency condition, you know, people are worried, they're nervous," explained O'Loughlin.  "The closest facility oftentimes is more comforting and there can be quite a bit of traffic between here and downtown Jacksonville, so it's nice to know there's something close by for people to be able to access."  

Kim Gabbamonte lives just over a mile from the new ER and said that knowing that type of care is nearby will give her family some piece of mind.  

"I think when you're in a rush and you're worried about someone bleeding out, you know, their arm or their knee or you have a broken bone, the last thing you want to worry about is traffic.  So, yeah, I think having it right across the street is [going to] be nice."

O'Loughlin said the center will provide care for 95% of medical problems for which patients would go to a traditional emergency room.  The center has its own trauma room, CT scanner and lab, which sets it apart from "Urgent Care" facilities.  


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