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Tech gifts that make great stocking stuffers

JACKSONVILLE,Fla. -- Smart accessories like game pieces and fitness devices are gadgets that can connect and communicate with your phone or tablet.

"We have gaming consoles," said Gretchen Schultz.

Schultz, who works for AT&T, rounded up a few smart accessories. One of the most popular this holiday season is the iGrill thermometer. 

"Whether you're an amateur or a professional, people love the iGrill thermometer," said Schultz. "When it reaches the right temperature it is going to send a notice to your wireless phones."

There's also a gadget to make you a gamer. The Moga Gaming controller turns your phone into a gaming console.

"You no longer do you need to carry a cell phone and a gaming device," said Schultz. "For fifty dollars, the Moga takes and makes your cell phone into a gaming console.

Bluetooth makes everything easy -- even listening to music on a small box with a big sound.

"These are new and very trendy. They are Jam jars," she said. "They are compact and they boost a lot of sound and they come in a lot of colors."

And when you open the jars, they have a flavored scent. Something else to add to your shopping list is the Fitbit Zip Ultra. It will become your electronic conscience.

"It is small and compact. It fits into your pocket or onto your belt clip," said Schultz.

It is a fitness gadget or smart accessory.

"It will measure your distance, steps, stairs climbed, calories burned throughout the day and then at night, you can put it on your wrist and monitor how well you're sleeping," said Schultz. "It will send information to your PC and you can track your progress.

Imagine a garage sale and the buyer has no cash. Now you can get paid with the $10 square card reader that fits on your phone.

"If you have a customer that doesn't have cash on them, it allows you to get paid instantly. All you have to do is set up an account online and then swipe the credit card and get paid," she said.

We also found some unusual tech items that can add a cheer to anyone's holiday. The Cubeedge Edgesound is an eco friendly 3.0 Bluetooth speaker you can use for music movies or your phone.

It provides 10 hours of battery life and gives you the a big sound. It sells for about $149.

If you're looking for a Wi-Fi video monitor, Stem offers the Izon 2.0. You can watch and listen from anywhere on your iPad or smart phone. It can be used as a great nanny cam. This remote monitor sells for $130.


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