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AAA predicts lower gas prices in 2013

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Average gas prices in 2012 were the highest they've ever been.  According to AAA, the average price for gas nationwide was $3.60 per gallon last year.  The study blames tensions in the Middle East, hurricanes and refinery outages for those record prices.

Analysts forecast gas prices should drop this year, but people say they are still recovering from paying high prices in 2012.

It's a ritual Paulette Viruet goes through at least once a week.  She said it costs her about $45 to fill up her minivan.  With four kids, and plenty of places to go, Viruet can't downsize to a small car. 

So, she's had to fill the van up and make sacrifices in other parts of their lives.  "A lot of things: events with my family, taking them places, visiting family members," she listed.

AAA is predicting that a rise in domestic oil production and decreased demand will lower prices at the pump in 2013.  The unknown factor is the uncertainty in the Middle East. 

But Gayle Thomas said she's not confident in the prices coming down.  "It makes you wonder, are they charging what they can get away with or what?" Thomas asked.

Cedric Alexander just bought his first car.  He said last year's record prices have forced him to learn how to budget.  "It's like you have to manage your money better in order to pay for gas and get to and from work.  It's kind of hard," he said.



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