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Retail prescription price battle

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- While medical costs are rising, the price of prescriptions are falling.

Like many people in their 60s, Pat Sena takes her share of prescriptions.  "Six," she said.

Years ago, that would have been cost-prohibitive for a lot of people, but now, thanks to the retail battle of the bottle, people are having an easier time following doctor's orders and taking their medicine. 

"Anything that helps lower the cost of prescription drugs for everybody is a good thing," Sena explained.

Just drive by a drug store and you will see the message.  

"They want to get you in their stores," Dr. Andres Gallo, the head of the Economics and Geography Department at the University of North Florida said.

He said ultimately the recent price wars are good for consumers, even if most of the discount drugs are generic.  Walmart started the trend years ago, and now many have followed. 

Retailers, Gallo said, have a strategy for offering these low prices.  "You're going to be there waiting for your prescription. You're going to buy something else."

People like Sena said it's a worthwhile risk, because the lower drug costs are giving more people a chance to fight sickness.  "You don't want something to be so costly that you go without."

If a retail prescription plan doesn't work for you, there are other options.  Partnership for Prescription Assistance offers help finding free or discounted drug programs.


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