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St. Johns County Pet Center to be Closed on Friday, August 26th

St. Johns County Pet Center to be Closed on Friday, August 26th

The St. Johns County Pet Center will be closed on Friday, August 26th for routine maintenance and in-service staff training. Normal operations will resume at 9:00 am on Saturday, August 27th.

Pet Shelter Packed with Animals Their Owners Can't Afford

Pet Shelter Packed with Animals Their Owners Can't Afford

One by one, the work trucks pull up to the St. Johns County Animal Control Pet Center, often filled with pets whose owners no longer want them.

Animal Control Division Chief Paul Studivant described the pet center as "inundated" with pets the owners can't afford. "It's due to the economy and unemployment. We're hearing every story you could possibly hear," Studivant said.

Some people are abandoning pets, but Studivant said it appears more are giving up their animals this year, surrendering them to the center.

There are so many owner-surrendered pets at the center, there's little room for strays.

According to St. Johns County Animal Control, between January 2010 and July 2010, there were 2,118 surrendered pets. During that same time period, the number jumped to 2,403.

Today, a young woman dropped off a little dog named Buster. 

Holidays Mean More Boats in Manatee Zones

Manatees face added danger during busy holiday weekends, simply because there are generally more boaters on the water passing through manatee restricted-speed zones. Boaters should be aware of where the zones are, so they don’t have any surprises when they come upon them. Maps of the zones can be found at MyFWC.com/Manatee.

Ant-Filled Yards Pose a Danger

Ant-Filled Yards Pose a Danger

With summer here and Jacksonville’s current dry spell, fire and pavement ants become a nuisance to gardeners, and even a danger to humans.

It doesn’t take long for ants to take over your lawn and claim residency in a home or business. Experts recommend treating fire and pavement ants as soon as they are spotted.

FWC Extends Alligator-Hunting Hours

At its meeting in St. Augustine Wednesday, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) adopted a rule change that provides approximately four additional hours of daylight hunting to the state’s recreational alligator hunting season. The change will be in effect for this year’s season: Aug. 15 – Nov. 1.